Configuration Options

Configure extra options for your products, like cross-selling recommendations, addons, bundles, and downloads.

Selling WordPress

Offer automated WordPress® hosting for your clients with WP Toolkit, WP Squared, and other options.

Product Tutorials

How-to guides for creating and configuring products, pricing, addons, free trials, and other options.


Products set details like pricing, billing cycles, recommendations, provisioning modules, and other options for each item you sell.

Product Groups

Product groups organize products and product bundles in the order form. Some templates allow them to display side-by-side for comparison.

Order Form Templates

Order form templates set the look and feel of the shopping cart. WHMCS includes default order form templates or you can create your own.

Link Tracking

The Link Tracking tool can track your advertising campaigns through cookies that record clicks and conversions for different promotions.

Upgrades and Downgrades

Upgrades and downgrades allow clients to move between related products. Clients pay or receive a refund for the difference in prices.


If you enable cancellation requests, clients can request cancellation or termination of their services from within the Client Area.


Promotions add discounts to your items for sale. You can configure many types of discount, set up free trials, and create promotion codes.