Product Configuration Options

Customized products allow customers to choose from predetermined options, add upgrades and addons, set values like usernames, and more.

Configurable Options

Configurable Options allow clients to select options to customize your products.

Cross-selling Recommendations

Cross-selling allows you to display product recommendations to customers based on their existing services and the contents of their cart.

Product Addons

Product addons let you offer additional items for sale alongside a specific parent product but bill for them on a separate billing cycle.

Sitejet Builder

Sitejet Builder includes everything that your customers need to create professional websites without needing to learn to code.

Product Bundles

Product bundles let you set up links to automatically add multiple products to the cart, with discounts for purchasing them together.

Product Downloads

Products and product addons in WHMCS can include downloadable files that are available to customers immediately once the order is active.