Sitejet Builder

Sitejet Builder includes everything that your customers need to create professional websites without needing to learn to code. They can choose from over 140 templates and customize everything with a simple drag-and-drop editor. Sitejet Builder includes stock photos, videos, and even AI-assisted content creation, all ready for your customers to use.

Sitejet Builder

WHMCS 8.10 and later includes full automation support for Sitejet Builder on cPanel & WHM and Plesk hosting servers.

Sitejet Builder Requirements

To offer Sitejet Builder, your configured hosting server at Configuration () > System Settings > Servers must be a server that runs cPanel & WHM version 116 or higher or Plesk 18.0.57 or higher. The server’s hosting packages (cPanel & WHM) or service plans (Plesk) must also include the correct features and permissions to allow Sitejet Builder access.

Choices for Offering Sitejet Builder

You can offer Sitejet Builder to your customers as part of your cPanel & WHM or Plesk hosting products or as an optional predefined addon.

Include Sitejet Builder in Hosting Products

When you include Sitejet Builder in your hosting products, your customers will automatically have access to Sitejet Builder as part of the hosting account that they purchased from you. On most WHMCS installations that run WHMCS 8.10 or higher and use at least one server that runs the correct version of cPanel & WHM or Plesk, Sitejet Builder will be available on eligible hosting plans by default, without any required action.

If Sitejet Builder is not available for a product, you may need to update the server to grant the correct feature lists and permissions.

Create a Sitejet Builder Product Addon

Product addons allow your customers to select optional additions, like Sitejet Builder, to the products that they purchase from you. You can configure a Sitejet Builder addon easily by selecting the Sitejet Builder predefined addon for your server type at Configuration () > System Settings > Product Addons.

Sitejet Builder in the Predefined Addons section of Product Addons

For steps to offer a Sitejet Builder addon, see Create a Sitejet Builder Addon.

Sitejet Builder in the Client Area

When you offer Sitejet Builder as a product or addon, promotions will appear for your customers in the Client Area.

After purchase, clients can access Sitejet Builder directly, without needing to first log in to their hosting account, from within the WHMCS Client Area by clicking Edit with Sitejet Builder.

Sitejet Builder

Admins can log in to Sitejet Builder for a client by clicking Log in to Sitejet Builder for the appropriate service in the client’s profile’s Products/Services tab.

Last modified: June 24, 2024