Change the Default Product Group

When customers visit their shopping cart (cart.php), the products in the default product group display. You can change the default product group to display a different group of products.

Which product group is the default?

The default product group is the group that displays at the top of the list at Configuration () > System Settings > Products/Services.

For example, in the list of products below, Shared Hosting is the default product group:

The list of product groups and products at Products/Services

Change the Default Product Group

To change the default product group, move the desired group to the top of the list.

To do this:

  1. Go to Configuration () > System Settings > Products/Services.
  2. Find the product group that you want to make the default group.
  3. Click on the arrow icon next to the group name and drag the product group to the top of the list.
    The icon to move a product group

A green success message will confirm that the system saved your changes.

Last modified: June 11, 2024