Cancel Services Immediately

Cancel a service for a specific client immediately in the Admin Area. After you cancel a service, WHMCS will not generate further invoices.

Delete a Service

Delete a service to remove it entirely from your records in WHMCS. This will not remove any associated accounts from your servers.

Move a Service to Another Client

Move an existing service from one client to another. WHMCS includes an easy option to change a service's owner in the client profile.

Schedule a Service Termination

Schedule a service to terminate at the end of the current billing period. When you do this, the system will cancel any unpaid invoices.

Update the Recurring Amount

Recalculate the Recurring Amount value for a service. You must do this after certain actions, like expiring a cPanel Licensing license.

Upgrade or Downgrade a Service

Upgrade or downgrade a service from the Admin Area or Client Area. If you do this in the Admin Area, you will have additional options.