8.1 Release Notes

This WHMCS version reached End-of-Life status on December 31st, 2021.

Version History

Latest UpdateVersionRelease Type
02-26-20218.1.3General Availability (Security)
02-23-20218.1.2General Availability (Maintenance)
02-10-20218.1.1General Availability (Maintenance)
12-29-20208.1.0General Availability
12-08-20208.1.0Release Candidate

Upgrade Requirements

Before upgrading through this WHMCS version, make certain that your system meets the following requirements:

DependencyMinimum RequirementRecommended
ionCube® LoaderionCube Loader 10.2.0ionCube Loader 10.4.3
MySQL®MySQL 5.2MySQL 8.0

New Features

New Twenty-One Client Area Theme

Just in time for the new year, the Twenty-One system theme gives the WHMCS Client Area a new look and feel. It includes Bootstrap 4, refined responsive behaviors, and many other distinct design elements.

Templating System

The Client Area is now even more customizable with an extensible, flexible templating system featuring inheritance through parent-child relationships and compatibility checking within the WHMCS interface.

System theme developers will be able to save time and effort both during initial development and when maintaining system themes.

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OAuth2 for Email Importing

WHMCS now supports OAuth2 via Gmail™ for importing support department emails. OAuth2 provides more security than password-based authentication. You can configure this at Configuration () > System Settings > Support Departments.

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Automated User Deletion

Retaining users is important for business, but there are times when deletion is required. New interface options you to take a safe and informed approach to manual and automated user deletion.

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Disable Outgoing Mail

You can now pause outgoing client and system communications with a single setting in WHMCS. A reminder banner will appear in the Admin Area until you reenable email sending.

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AutoAuth Removed

AutoAuth was deprecated in WHMCS 7.10 and has been removed in WHMCS 8.1. We recommend that you use the CreateSsoToken API function to direct users from an authenticated system to a mapped WHMCS client account.

Realtime Register

The Realtime Register module has been removed. You can find supported registrar modules in the WHMCS Marketplace.

For Developers

Template Changes

For a list of changed files and a graphical view of the exact changes, see the GitHub® repositories below:

Last modified: June 7, 2024