Server Tutorials

How-to guides for working with servers, syncing accounts, and many types of provisioning modules.

Server Modules

WHMCS ships with many popular provisioning and server control panel modules by default.


You must add your servers to WHMCS and assign server modules to them. WHMCS supports server modules for many popular control panels.

Server Groups

Server groups allow you to organize servers and assign products to them. This allows you to distribute accounts evenly between servers.

Sync Accounts

Sync Accounts matches your records in WHMCS to your server's accounts and can help you resolve many account- or service-related issues.

WHMCS Connect

WHMCS Connect uses single sign-on to access all of your cPanel & WHM servers in WHMCS without the need to reauthenticate each time.

Service Properties

Many provisioning modules require additional information when setting up services. Service properties store this data using custom fields.