SolusVM is a virtual server control panel from SolusLabs, Ltd. It supports OpenVZ virtualization (Linux®), Xen® virtualization (Linux, Windows®, BSD), and KVM virtualization (Linux, Windows, BSD).

This module does not ship with WHMCS by default. Instead, you must purchase and install it (see below).

You can install two SolusVM modules:

  • The Virtual Server Provisioning Module (Admin/Reseller) can create, destroy, suspend, unsuspend, upgrade, downgrade, reboot, boot, and shut down virtual servers. It can also provision virtual servers in different locations. Clients can use functions and statistics from within the Client Area, including, reboot, boot, shut down, change passwords, change hostname, view resource usage and graphs, and use a serial console or VNC. They can also order custom virtual servers.
  • The Reseller Product Provisioning Module allows you to create a range of reseller resource products, allowing orders to automatically provison on payment.

Supported Features

Change PackageChange PasswordUsage UpdatesClient Area Link

Adding a Server

To set up a SolusVM server in WHMCS, you must download the module and install it according to SolusVM’s instructions.

After installation, you can add and configure servers at Configuration () > System Settings > Servers.

Creating a SolusVM Product

You can create a product that provisions accounts on your SolusVM server at Configuration () > System Settings > Products/Services.

WHMCS Connect

This module does not support WHMCS Connect.

Last modified: May 28, 2024