VPS.net is a VPS cloud hosting service offering limitless resources with instant scalability. The VPS.net module lets you sell VPS to your customers through a completely white label solution.

Supported Features

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This module also supports Start, Shutdown and Reboot VPS, Bandwidth & CPU Graphs, and Enable and Disable Backups.

Adding a Server

To set up a VPS.net server in WHMCS:

  1. Go to Configuration () > System Settings > Servers.
  2. Click Add New Server.
  3. Select VPS.net from the menu.
  4. Enter the hostname or IP address.
  5. Enter the username and password or access hash. You can generate the access key by logging in to the VPS.net portal, going to Profile, and clicking Generate for the API key.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Enter the desired additional server details.
  8. Click Save Changes.
  9. If this is the only VPS.net server that is currently in WHMCS, click on the name and ensure that it results in an asterisk (*) next to it. This indicates that it is the default to use when any other non-specific configuration doesn’t apply.

Creating a VPS.net Product

You can create a product that provisions accounts on your VPS.net server at Configuration () > System Settings > Products/Services. When you do this, select the Server/VPS product type.

You can create products using two methods:

Fixed Products

To create products with fixed options that customers cannot change when ordering, set the number of nodes for the product and the Cloud/Template value within the Module Settings tab.

  • For example, this could set the number of nodes to 2, the Cloud/Template setting to London Zone A - CentOS Optimized, and a Monthly price on the Pricing tab.
  • Do this for each configuration that you want to offer.

Custom Products

You can use configurable options to create products with custom options that customers can change when ordering.

Configuring VPS.net in the Shopping Cart

When you do this, set the base product price to 0 and create a configurable options group for the following option names:

Option NameTypeDescription
The Nodes configurable option for VPS.net
Quantity, Dropdown, or RadioAllows the user to specify the number of nodes they want.
Cloud Template|Location/Operating System
The Cloud Template configurable option for VPS.net
Dropdown or RadioAllows the user to choose the cloud location and OS template. Use the format CloudID+TemplateID, replacing each ID value with the appropriate value from the Cloud Template menu in the Module Settings tab.
Enable BackupsYes/NoAllows the user to choose whether they want backups. You can use the following backup options:
  • Enable Backups
  • Rsync Backups
  • R1Soft Backups


You can customize the following template files:

  • cpugraphs.tpl
  • networkgraphs.tpl
  • backuplist.tpl

You can also customize language file lines that appear in the Client Area.

Client Area Management

VPS.net in the Client Area

The Client Area allows VPS.net clients to perform the following actions directly:

  • Boot, reboot, and shut down the VPS.
  • View CPU and bandwidth graphs.
  • Generate backups and restore previous backups.

WHMCS Connect

This module does not support WHMCS Connect.

Last modified: May 31, 2024