WHMCS includes all of the built-in tools and features that you need to create a knowledgebase of your company’s most important information. You can group articles into public or hidden categories, allowing you to create separate resources for customers and staff. In the Client Area, customers can view your visible content by category, popular tags, or by searching for keywords.

A Knowledgebase article in the Client Area

Providing public-facing information and answers to frequently-asked questions helps your customer resolve issues themselves, reducing support needs.

You can access this feature at Support > Knowledgebase.


Categories organize your individual pages (articles). Customers and admins can browse categories to find their desired information.

Before you can start creating articles, create at least one category to store them in.

To create an article:

  1. Go to the Add Category tab.
  2. Enter a display name.
    Add a Category
  3. If you want to create a staff-only hidden category, check Check to Hide. Admins can view hidden categories but customers cannot.
  4. Enter a description.
  5. Click Add Category.


Articles are the individual pages in your knowledgebase. Each article exists in at least one category.

Create an Article

To create an article:

  1. Go to the Add Article tab.
  2. Enter an article name.
  3. Click Add Article.
    Editing an Article
  4. Select the article’s category or categories.
    To select more than one category, press CTRL while clicking on the desired categories.
  5. To manually set the views or votes for the article, enter the desired numbers in Views, Votes For, or Total.
  6. To override the default alphanumeric display order, enter the desired number or letter in Display Order. For example, entering 0 would cause the article to display at the top of the category.
  7. Check Private to only allow logged-in users to view the article.
  8. Enter the desired tags by typing them into Tags.
    For more information, see Tags below.
    • Matching existing tags will display as you type. Press Enter to add the displayed tag.
    • To add a new tag, enter it and then press Enter or Space.
    • Tags cannot contain spaces.
  9. Enter the article content and apply your desired formatting.
    For more information, see Images below.
  10. To translate the article into additional languages, click that language under Multi-Lingual Translations under the text box. Then, translate the article in the new text box that appears.
  11. Click Save Changes.

Edit an Article

To edit an existing article, click the appropriate category names until you see the desired article, and then click the article name. Make the desired updates and then click Save Changes.


Knowledgebase tags highlight keywords for an article. You can use them to group articles across multiple categories that share a common theme.

Tags can generate a tag cloud showing the most common themes in articles and allowing the user to view all articles associated with a given tag regardless of category. Tags that occur more frequently will display in a larger font.


You can upload images while you create or update articles in the Knowledgebase’s rich text editor.

To do this:

  1. In the rich text editor, select Insert > Image.
    Uploading an Image
  2. Choose the Upload tab and follow the displayed prompts. The image URL will appear automatically at the cursor’s current location in the content.

The last 25 images that you uploaded display as available under Recent images.

The list of recent images

Your settings at Configuration () > System Settings > Storage Settings determine where the system stores uploaded images.

Automated Knowledgebase Suggestions

As a user enters a message for submission as a support ticket, WHMCS can lookup and display relevant articles that match keywords in the submission text. This can provide an answer to a user without them needing to ever submit the ticket, reducing the number of tickets that you receive for common support questions.

An article suggestion while submitting a ticket in the Client Area

To use this, enable Knowledgebase Suggestions in the Support tab at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings.

The Support tab in General Settings

You will need at least five articles with 30 words in each of them before the suggestions start working. This uses MySQL® full text searching for matches.

Last modified: June 14, 2024