Support Tools

WHMCS includes a fully featured helpdesk for your clients. This includes announcements, downloads, a knowledgebase, and a ticketing system.


The announcements system at Support > Announcements displays announcements on the WHMCS homepage and outputs them to the XML RSS feed for use in readers and on other websites.


You can add downloads at Support > Downloads. They can be anything from product user manuals, relevant software utilities, or even the actual products being sold. They can either be hosted locally or remotely.


The knowledgebase feature at Support > Knowledgebase allows you to create a collection of commonly asked questions and their answers.

Support Tickets

The support ticket system at Support > Support Tickets is a fully featured ticket desk that allows you to handle all communication with your clients.

Network Issues

The network issues system at Support > Network Issues allows you to make announcements to customers about current and scheduled or planned service affecting issues, separate from your main news and announcements feed.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

Friendly URLs allow a URL such as /knowledgebase.php?action=view&id=1 to become /knowledgebase/1/How_do_I_access_my_control_panel.html. They only support Latin characters (a-z, 0-9) in the title. The system converts any unsupported characters into a dash (-).

You can enable Search Engine Friendly URLs for the MarketConnect landing pages, announcements, downloads, and knowledgebase sections in the WHMCS Client Area. You can also create friendly URLs for products and product groups.

For more information, see Friendly URLs and Products.

Last modified: May 31, 2024