LoginShare Modules

You can create LoginShare modules to authenticate users against a separate system. You can integrate WHMCS with any third-party application to provide a single sign-on solution for your customers.

Creating a LoginShare Module

LoginShare modules in WHMCS use the hooks system and the ClientLoginShare hook point. They can be standalone items or part of modules in the system.

The hook runs whenever a user attempts to log in that does not exist in the WHMCS database.

The ClientLoginShare hook point uses the following variables:

usernameThe username that the user entered in the login form (normally an email address).
passwordThe password that the user entered in the login form.

Your custom hook function will validate these variables against the remote system’s database or API and return a response.

For code examples and more information, see our ClientLoginShare Developer Documentation.

Last modified: June 5, 2024