Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On allows users to go from WHMCS to interfaces in cPanel & WHM or Plesk without logging in again. You can use single sign-on in both the Client Area and Admin Area for any hosting account that uses a supported server module.

  • You can directly access pages in WHMCS using Application Links (from supported control panels) or single sign-on into WHMCS.
  • You can also use single sign-on to log in to compatible servers that you have added to your WHMCS installation. For more information, see WHMCS Connect.

Supported Control Panels

WHMCS supports using single sign-on to log in to accounts on servers that run supported versions of:


Single sign-on is only available if the user or admin has the correct permissions and the correct level of access to the hosting account.


All users can perform single sign-on into any of their supported hosting accounts if they have the View Products & Services and Perform Single Sign-On permissions.

To use single sign-on in the Client Area, go to the desired service at Services > My Services.


Admins can perform single sign-on for any account that the WHM user in the server’s WHMCS configuration owns. Admins can also control access to Single Sign-On functionality on a per-server and per-admin user group basis.

For example, you can allow users of admin role group 1 to perform single sign-on for servers 1 and 3, while users of admin role group 2 can only perform single sign-on to server 2.

For more information, see Administrator Roles.

Server Permissions

If you are using a reseller account, you must own your own account in order to perform single sign-on into it. If you do not, attempting to log in will result in an Action Failed Unable to auto-login. Please contact support. error.

To configure server permissions:

  1. Go to Configuration () > System Settings > Servers.
  2. Edit the server.
  3. Under SSO Access Control, select Restricted for Access Control.
  4. Choose the admin role groups to allow to use single sign-on.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Single Sign-On Shortcuts

The Client Area displays a Quick Shortcuts section in the product details for services that use this module. It allows clients to authenticate directly into the corresponding pages in the control panel and to create new email accounts.

For steps to customize this section, see Customizing Quick Shortcuts.

Last modified: June 5, 2024