Migrate Local Storage

You may want to migrate files from one local storage location to another or from an existing storage location to an Amazon S3™ bucket or a compatible service.

Migrating Local Storage

To migrate files from an existing local storage or S3 location to a local directory:

  1. Go to Configuration () > System Settings > Storage Settings.
  2. Choose the Configuration tab.
  3. Under Add New Configuration, choose Local Storage and click Add.
  4. Enter path to the new storage location and click Save.
    The directory must exist and be writable.
  5. Choose the Settings tab.
  6. Select the new storage location for the file type that you wish to migrate to the new location.
  7. Click Migrate when the system prompts you to migrate the files automatically.
    • For smaller scale deployments, migration will take less than a minute, and your files will then exist in the new location.
    • If the migration cannot happen immediately, the system will schedule it to run in the background. Until it finishes, the system will continue using the former location. After all files are in the new location, the setting will automatically switch to the new selection and begin using the new location.
    • Instead of using automated migration, you may opt to migrate your files manually.
      For more information, see Migrate Storage Settings.
  8. After the automatic migration finishes, validate whether the migration succeeded.
  9. Delete the files in the prior location.
    The system will not automatically delete these files.

Cancel a Migration

To cancel an ongoing migration, click Revert Changes. The system will then continue using the current location but will not delete any files that are already in the new location.

Last modified: May 31, 2024