Set Up an Amazon S3 Bucket

If you want to use Amazon S3™ as the storage provider for your WHMCS installation, you will need to create an S3 bucket.

Create an S3 Bucket

To create an Amazon S3 bucket:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Go to S3.
    Go to S3 in the menu
  3. Click Create bucket.
  4. Choose your desired region.
  5. Select a bucket type.
    Configuring the S3 bucket settings
  6. Enter a name for your bucket.
  7. Configure the other bucket settings according to your needs. In most cases, for private buckets, you use the default settings.
  8. Go to IAM.
    Select IAM
  9. Click Users in the left-side menu.
  10. Click Create user in the top-right corner.
  11. Enter a username.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Select Attach existing policies directly.
    Select Attach existing policies directly
  14. Click Create policy. The policy editor will display.
  15. Select S3 for Service. The available S3 permissions settings will appear.
  16. Under Access Level, select the following permissions:
    • ListBucket under List.
    • GetObject under Read.
    • PutObject, ReplicateObject, and DeleteObject under Write.
  17. Under Resources, select Specific.
    Select Specific
  18. Click Add ARNs under bucket.
    Click Add ARNs
  19. Enter the name of the bucket that you created earlier.
  20. Click Add.
  21. Click Add ARN under object.
  22. For Resource bucket name, enter the name of the bucket that you created.
  23. Select Any object name.
  24. Click Add ARNs.
  25. Click Next.
  26. Under Policy details, enter a name for the new policy and, optionally, a description to help you identify it later.
    Add a policy name and description
  27. Click Create Policy. A success message will appear.
  28. Return to the previous tab and refresh the list of policies.
  29. Select the policy that you created.
  30. Click Next.
  31. Click Create user.
  32. Select the user.
  33. In the Summary section, click Create access key.
  34. Select Third-party service.
  35. Select the checkbox under Confirmation.
  36. Click Next.
  37. Click Create access key.
  38. Copy and store the displayed ID and secret. You will need them in order to configure the bucket in WHMCS.
  39. Click Done.

Last modified: May 31, 2024