Database Status

You can monitor the status of your WHMCS installation’s database, optimize the tables, and download backups manually from within the Admin Area.

You can access this feature at Utilities > System > Database Status.

Optimise Tables

In normal operation, MySQL® tables can generate overhead. This is disk space that you have assigned to the table but aren’t using. You can use MySQL’s optimize tables function to reduce this.

To run this function, click Optimise Tables. The function may require several seconds to run, and then a success message will appear.

You can also run this command from the server’s command line or phpMyAdmin.

Manual Database Backup

It is important to create frequent backups of your database in case of any problems. If you do not regularly back up your data, you risk losing some or all of your customer data and WHMCS configuration.

To manually download a backup of the WHMCS database, click Download Database Backup.

  • Your browser may prompt you to download a file or it may download automatically, depending on your browser’s settings.
    Make certain that you save the file to your computer in a known location.
  • Depending on the database size, this may take a few moments.
For more information, see Database Backups.

Last modified: June 24, 2024