Mail Providers

You can choose from several supported mail provider configuration options in WHMCS. Make sure to choose the mail provider that offers the best service and security features for you.

Your mail provider configuration is separate from any email piping or importing that you configure for your support departments. For more information, see Email Piping and Email Importing.

Configuring Your Mail Provider

You can configure your mail provider in the Mail tab at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings.

Configuring a Mail Provider in WHMCS

WHMCS can send emails without any additional configuration using PHP mail(). While this works in most cases, other mail providers may give you a better experience and access to additional features.

Supported Mail Providers

We added Microsoft® support in WHMCS 8.6.
Mail ProviderOAuth2 SupportSetup Instructions
Google™Use Google for System Mail
Mailgun✖️Use Other Providers for System Mail
MicrosoftUse Microsoft for System Mail
PHP Mail✖️
SendGrid✖️Use Other Providers for System Mail
SMTP✖️Use SMTP for System Mail
Use Microsoft® 365 for System Mail
SparkPost✖️Use Other Providers for System Mail


WHMCS includes OAuth authentication support for Google and Microsoft mail providers. OAuth is a technology that authorizes apps or services like WHMCS to access another service, like a Google email account. It’s more secure than traditional username-and-password authentication.

In addition to its security benefits, some mail providers require OAuth or have announced a requirement for it in the future.

Last modified: June 14, 2024