The Credit tab allows you to enable and configure the credit system.

The Credit tab in General Settings

You can access this tab at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings.


Check to enable the credit system, allowing customers to buy credit that they can later use to pay invoices.

  • The system can automatically use any existing credit to pay the balance on invoices when it generates them (see below).
  • Admins and users can both manually apply credit to existing invoices.

Require Active Order

Check this option to ensure that clients can only add funds to their credit balances when you have manually approved at least one order from them. Disabling this setting may increase the risk of chargebacks and fraud because adding funds to the credit balance can allow malicious users to purchase products without passing any fraud prevention checks.

We recommend enabling this setting.

Automatic Credit Use

Check this option to automatically apply a client’s existing credit balance to generated invoices immediately when the system generates them.

The system will not automatically apply credit to existing invoices when you add funds to a client’s credit balance.

If you disable this, you must apply all credit manually.

Credit on Downgrade

Check this option to increase the client’s credit balance by a prorated amount when they downgrade a product using an automated downgrade.

Last modified: June 14, 2024