Customize Text

You can use the localization system to customize the text that displays throughout WHMCS.

If you are customizing text in MarketConnect promotions, see Localize MarketConnect Promotions for additional MarketConnect-specific information.

Customize Text in WHMCS

To customize text in WHMCS:

  1. Open the language file for the desired language (for example, /lang/english.php) in your preferred text editor.

  2. Search for the text that you want to customize. At the beginning of that line, note the corresponding string name. For example, headertext is the string name for Welcome to our Support Portal in the following example:
    Language strings in a localization file

    For more information about finding strings in MarketConnect promotions, see MarketConnect Promotions below.

  3. Create an overrides folder inside of the lang directory.

  4. Create or copy the language file that you want to override. For example, to create an override for the English language file, you would create the /lang/overrides/english.php file.

  5. Open the newly-created file in your preferred editor.

  6. Start the file with a PHP tag:


  7. Enter the strings that you want to override, entering the desired text and using the format below:

    $_LANG['headertext'] = "Welcome home!";

    This example replaces the original Welcome to our Support Portal text with Welcome home!.

  8. Save the file with UTF-8 encoding and upload to your server.

For more information, see our Developer Documentation.

MarketConnect Promotions

You can customize and translate text in MarketConnect promotions using the steps above. There are several strings of text in each MarketConnect promotion, and you must update each string separately.

Language strings for MarketConnect promotions will contain the following sections:


In the example above:

  • store indicates that the string is part of MarketConnect.
  • product-type represents the MarketConnect product type.
    For a list of MarketConnect product types, see Customization and Localization of Promotions.
  • promo-type represents the type of promotion.
    • promo indicates that the string is in a promotion for clients who do not already own that product.
    • upsell indicates that the string is in a promotion for clients who own that product and can upgrade it.
  • product-name represents the name of the MarketConnect product.
    For a list of MarketConnect product names, see Customization and Localization of Promotions.
  • element-name represents the element within the promotion:
    The location of each element in a MarketConnect promotion.
    In the above example: - Boost your search rankings is the headline element. - with a RapidSSL Certificate is the tagline element. - Activate HTTPS and the lock icon is the feature1 element. - Secure online transactions is the feature2 element. - Encrypt sensitive data is the feature3 element. - Protect user privacy is the feature4 element. - Add RapidSSL from just $17.95 USD/yr is the cta element.

For example, the following string could be the tagline for a Symantec promotion of RapidSSL certificates for clients who do not currently own one:

$_LANG[`store`]['symantec']['promo']['rapidssl_rapidssl']['tagline'] = 'with a RapidSSL Certificate';

Last modified: June 24, 2024