Move Your WHMCS Installation

In some circumstances, you may need to move your WHMCS installation to a new server. This may require additional steps if the move changes your domain, IP address, or directory structure.

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Moving WHMCS

To move WHMCS:

  1. Disable or remove the WHMCS cron jobs from the old server. This prevents automation from running and making changes.
  2. Create a backup of your database.
    For more information, see Database Backups.
  3. Make sure the new server meets the system requirements.
  4. Transfer the files to the new server.
  5. Restore the database via phpMyAdmin on the new server and make any changes to the database settings in the configuration.php file.
    For more information about updating the configuration.php file, see The configuration.php File.
  6. Use the appropriate method to reissue your license for the new location:
    • If you purchase your license from WHMCS directly, log in to the WHMCS Member Area, go to Services > My Licenses, select your license key, and click Reissue.
    • If you purchase your license from your hosting provider, contact them to reissue the license.
      If you are moving your WHMCS installation to a new hosting provider, you will require a new license key.
  7. In the WHMCS Admin Area, update the WHMCS System URL at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings.
  8. Check whether the system properly modified your cron jobs, payment gateway callbacks, and email forwarders.
  9. Update your custom directory locations.
  10. Update your storage locations.
  11. Update your redirect URIs for any sign-in integrations, mail providers, or payment gateways that redirect users to WHMCS.
  12. Delete the WHMCS files from the old location.

When you move your WHMCS system, if the domain, IP address, or directory you use it in is changing, you must update your license.

For information on checking your license key information and forcing license updates, see License Information.

Last modified: May 29, 2024