WHMCS allows you to create admins to access and use the Admin Area.

General Troubleshooting

General errors can occur in many places throughout WHMCS, and can be due to many different problems. However, fixing them is often simple.

Get Started with WHMCS

Thank you for choosing WHMCS! From installation to configuring your store, our simple setup process will help you get up and running fast.

The Admin Area

The Admin Area is the portal that admins access when they work within WHMCS. The WHMCS Admin Area has over 125 interface or feature pages, each often containing multiple sub-interfaces.

The Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard includes quick access to important information in WHMCS, like daily sales figures, support tickets, billing and invoicing totals, and your system's automation status.

Apps & Integrations

WHMCS includes a large number of apps and integrations that we ship with WHMCS by default, and you can find more apps and integrations from the WHMCS Marketplace.

Admin Tools

Admins have access to a personal calendar, to-do list, and notepad.