WHMCS allows you to create admins to access and use the Admin Area.

The Admin Area

The Admin Area is the portal that admins access when they work within WHMCS. The WHMCS Admin Area has over 125 interface or feature pages, each often containing multiple sub-interfaces.

Security Questions

Security questions add an extra level of security for users. During password resets, the system uses them to verify the user's identity.

Admin Tools

Admins have access to a personal calendar, to-do list, and notepad.


WHMCS integrates with popular team communication apps, including Slack® and HipChat™, to allow WHMCS to notify you in real time as events occur.

My Account

From any page in the Admin Area, the currently-logged-in admin can quickly access and change their account and security settings.

Add or Edit an Admin

Add an admin account for each staff member. You can customize their admin roles, permissions, and assigned departments.