Troubleshooting Authentication

Authentication issues may include inability to log in, unexpected logouts, or errors while using other authentication methods.

Troubleshooting Licensing

You might see license-related errors if you cannot connect to the WHMCS license server or there is a misconfiguration in your system.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enhances security by requiring both a password and a second step like a login code from a mobile device.

Duo® Security

Duo® Security is a two-factor authentication (2FA) option that combines traditional account credentials with device-based verification.

LoginShare Modules

LoginShare modules can generate unique WHMCS API authentication credentials to authenticate users against a separate third-party system.

Reset a User Password

Initiate a password reset for a user who has lost their Client Area password. Users can also initiate password resets on the login form.

API Credentials

API authentication credentials allow your API-connected devices and systems to authenticate with WHMCS using API roles that you create.