Billing Logic

Specific billing logic governs the automation for many of your business's most important tasks, including ordering, payments, and provisioning.

Order Management

After you or your customers place orders, you can view the order details, check fraud check results, and perform many management tasks.

Troubleshooting the System Cron

If the system cron configuration is incorrect or it encounters problems when running, you may see problems with automation throughout WHMCS.

Invoice Configuration

The system uses your Automation Settings configuration to determine when to generate invoices for your customers and how to format them.

Setup Tasks

Check off each item in the System Settings Setup Tasks list to ensure that you have completed initial setup for your WHMCS installation.

Auto Release

The Auto Release module can automate tasks for products without an associated module.

Automation Settings

WHMCS's automation settings determine when the system cron runs, whether to perform certain tasks, and the details for running each task.