Troubleshooting the Client Area

Issues in the Client Area or your online store can hurt customers' ability to purchase your products or access their purchased services.

Users and Client Accounts

The user management system can grant access for a single client's services, billing, and support to multiple users with separate logins.

Managing Users

Users can access and manage one or more client accounts. Their contact details and other information are separate from their clients'.

Order Form Templates

Order form templates set the look and feel of the shopping cart. WHMCS includes default order form templates or you can create your own.

Security Questions

Security questions add an extra level of security for users. During password resets, the system uses them to verify the user's identity.

Cross-selling Recommendations

Cross-selling allows you to display product recommendations to customers based on their existing services and the contents of their cart.


WHMCS includes all of the tools you need to create a custom knowledgebase for your company. Customers can view this in the Client Area.