On-Demand Renewals

On-demand renewals allow clients to renew services early, before the system generates the next invoice, directly in the Client Area.

Themes and Templates

Custom hemes and templates alter the Client Area's appearance to match your branding and tailor your offerings to your business's needs.

Client Area Domain Registration

Customers use the Client Area's Register Domain page to view your domain extension pricing, Spotlight TLDs extensions, and term information.

MarketConnect Landing Pages

Activating a MarketConnect product adds premade landing pages will all of the product's details and options to the Client Area's Store menu.

Domain Categories

Domain categories group domain extensions (TLDs) into customizable categories like Popular or Business in your Client Area.

MarketConnect Promotions

Promotions and upsells for your active MarketConnect products display to eligible customers in your online store and the Client Area.

Configure Recommendations

Configure cross-selling recommendations to display product recommendations to customers based on their existing services and cart contents.