Products set details like pricing, billing cycles, recommendations, provisioning modules, and other options for each item you sell.

Product Configuration Options

Customized products allow customers to choose from predetermined options, add upgrades and addons, set values like usernames, and more.

Product Addons

Product addons let you offer additional items for sale alongside a specific parent product but bill for them on a separate billing cycle.

Custom PDF Invoices

Invoice and quote PDF files use a customizable template file system in the templates directory of the active WHMCS system theme.

Custom Fields

Custom fields collect additional information from or about your clients. You can set them as admin-only or make them visible to clients.

Email Templates

WHMCS's email templates allow you to customize the messages that go out to your customers when actions occur inside WHMCS.

Linking to WHMCS

Create login or product links for the Client Area, shortcuts to ticket submission forms, and other links to bring visitors to your site.