Selling and Managing Domains

In WHMCS, you can configure your domain registration and pricing settings and choose a registrar to customize how you sell domains.

Troubleshooting Domains

When you sell domains, issues with domain availability checks, registration, or renewals can cause serious problems.

Domains Tab

The Domains tab in the Client Profile contains details and management options for all of a client's domains.

Configure a Domain Extension

Update your Domain Pricing configuration to add more domain extensions (TLDs) to sell. Your registrar module must support them.

Customize Registration Options

Customize the domain options that display during the ordering process: domain registration, domain transfers, or using an existing domain.

Domain Pricing

Your Domain Pricing configuration sets the prices for domain registrations and how to handle namespinning, premium domains, and more.

Email Notifications

The Email Notifications registrar module lets you work manually with customers' domain registrations and management.