Email Piping

Email piping automatically imports email replies that a support department email address receives into the corresponding support ticket.

Spam Control

Spam control filters in WHMCS reduce the amount of spam that you receive in your ticket system by blocking emails, keywords, and phrases.

Remove Quoted Email Replies

Customize the text strings that email piping and importing use to detect quoted email replies, preventing cluttered support tickets.

Set Up Email Piping - cPanel

Set up email piping using a cPanel email forwarder to pipe email replies into a file. WHMCS imports the email replies from this file.

Set Up Email Piping - Google

Set up email piping using a Google® email account. WHMCS will import the email replies from this account into the correct support tickets.

System Timezone Issues

Troubleshoot and resolve timezone-related automation issues, like incorrect timestamps or cron frequency warnings.