Billing Logic

Specific billing logic governs the automation for many of your business's most important tasks, including ordering, payments, and provisioning.

Troubleshooting Hooks

While developing your own custom code, you may need to test and troubleshoot your implementation of the WHMCS hook system.

Add a Menu Item

Add items to the Client Area navigation menu. This example adds permanent or conditional links to the Client Area navigation menus.

Add a Panel to Specific Pages

Add a panel to the sidebar. This example adds a support information panel to the sidebar for support-related pages of the Client Area.

Add a Promotional Offer Panel

Add a Client Area Homepage panel. This example adds a customized promotional panel with a clickable button to the Client Area Homepage.

Add a Sidebar Item

Add an item to a Client Area sidebar menu. This example uses a hook to add an item to a sidebar menu on a specific Client Area page.