Enhancing Security

WHMCS includes features to help keep your data safe, and we recommend taking additional steps to secure your WHMCS installation further.

Get Started with WHMCS

Thank you for choosing WHMCS! From installation to configuring your store, our simple setup process will help you get up and running fast.

Install WHMCS

The first step to using WHMCS is installing it on your server. WHMCS includes an easy browser installation tool to suit most users' needs.

Troubleshooting Installation

When you install WHMCS on a server, make sure to watch for errors both during and after the installation process.

Install on the Command Line

If you want more configuration options than browser-based installation offers, you can install and upgrade WHMCS on the command line.

System Requirements

For successful installation, updates, and operation, your system must meet the minimum system requirements for your WHMCS version.