Email Importing

Email importing retrieves customers' email replies to support tickets. You can use POP3, IMAP, Google®, or Microsoft® for email importing.

Email Piping

Email piping automatically imports email replies that a support department email address receives into the corresponding support ticket.

Sync Accounts

Sync Accounts matches your records in WHMCS to your server's accounts and can help you resolve many account- or service-related issues.

The configuration.php File

The configuration.php file contains many of the most important and sensitive configuration details for your WHMCS installation.


WHMCS integrates with popular team communication apps, including Slack® and HipChat™, to allow WHMCS to notify you in real time as events occur.

Application Links

Application Links use WHMCS Single Sign-On to allow users to seamlessly access WHMCS from the cPanel or WP Squared control panels.

Database Status

You can monitor and manage your WHMCS installation's database in the Admin Area.