Troubleshooting MarketConnect

If you experience problems with MarketConnect landing pages, promotions, or provisioning, it may be due to misconfigurations or other issues.

360 Monitoring

A powerful way to ensure server performance and site uptime.

Activate MarketConnect

Use WHMCS MarketConnect to easily resell popular products with premade landing pages, promotional content, and automated provisoning.

Configure MarketConnect Pricing

Configure the pricing details for your activated MarketConnect products to customize your prices and the billing cycles that you offer.

Customizing Promotions

You can customize or extend MarketConnect promotions through template modifications and hooks.

Deposit Funds

Deposit funds in your WHMCS Marketplace account balance to ensure that MarketConnect products are always available for your customers.


WHMCS MarketConnect lets you resell high-quality products like website builders and email security services to customers through WHMCS.