Apps & Integrations

WHMCS includes a large number of apps and integrations that we ship with WHMCS by default, and you can find more apps and integrations from the WHMCS Marketplace.


WHMCS integrates with popular team communication apps, including Slack® and HipChat™, to allow WHMCS to notify you in real time as events occur.

Create Admin Dashboard Widgets

Use hooks to create custom widgets that display to admins in the Admin Area Dashboard. You can also customize WHMCS's included widgets.

Custom Modules

Modules in WHMCS use templates to define what users see. You can customize these module templates using WHMCS's overrides system.

Module Queue

The Module Queue list allows you to quickly find and retry failed automated actions.

Copy a Gateway Module

Duplicate the open-source Bank Transfer and Mail In Payment payment gateway modules and use them for creating your own custom modules.