Billing Logic

Specific billing logic governs the automation for many of your business's most important tasks, including ordering, payments, and provisioning.

Create an Order

Create new orders for your new or existing customers in the Admin Area. Orders contain all of the details from the checkout process.

Order Management

After you or your customers place orders, you can view the order details, check fraud check results, and perform many management tasks.

Activate an Order

If your WHMCS configuration does not automatically activate orders after payment, you can manually activate and provision them at any time.

Order Statuses

The system sets the status for orders as events occur in WHMCS. You can create custom statuses and determine how WHMCS handles them.

Modify an Order

Modify an existing order by replacing the record with a new order. We recommend this method because some order details are immutable.

Spam Orders

WHMCS recommends several options to help you stop spam orders, and includes support for reCAPTCHA, banning email domains, and more.