PayPal Card Payments

This module adds unbranded PayPal® Advanced Checkout options for credit and debit cards to the PayPal Payments module.

PayPal Payments

This module can store payment methods with the advanced security of PayPal Vault and process payments using PayPal's many features.

Configure PayPal Payments

Configure the PayPal Payments module. PayPal Payments processes payments, stores client PayPal® details, and enables faster checkout.

Migrate to PayPal Checkout

Migrate from PayPal® Basic to PayPal® Checkout in WHMCS 8.8 and earlier. In WHMCS 8.9 and later, we recommend PayPal Payments.

Update the PayPal Webhook URL

Update the PayPal® webhook URL. If your WHMCS system URL has changed because you moved the installation, some PayPal modules require this.