Troubleshooting Server Issues

Some provisioning and server-related issues are due to misconfiguration in your WHMCS installation, while others may be due to networking issues or other server-side problems.

Overage Billing

Overage billing allows you to bill clients on cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin hosting servers for their monthly disk or bandwidth use.

Sitejet Builder

Sitejet Builder includes everything that your customers need to create professional websites without needing to learn to code.

Migrate Data to WHMCS

You can use automated options like Sync Accounts or Importassist to migrate your data, or you can add data using manual entry.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On allows users to log in to a cPanel & WHM or Plesk hosting account directly from a link in WHMCS without reauthenticating.

Usage Billing

Usage billing allows you to set up variable-priced items for products. The system then determines pricing based on actual usage data.

_getSSORedirectUrl Errors

Troubleshoot and resolve Plesk_Manager_V163::_getSsoRedirectUrl(): Argument #2 ($username) must be of type string errors.