Updating WHMCS

You can check for updates and apply them directly in the Admin Area.

8.10 Release Highlights

WHMCS 8.10 introduced Sitejet Builder support and allows you to cancel overdue invoices automatically.

8.6 Release Highlights

WHMCS 8.6 includes new functionality to help you easily find and activate payment gateways, get ready for upcoming requirements for Microsoft® email services, and keep your installation safe and secure with PHP 8.1.

8.7 Release Highlights

WHMCS 8.7 includes new functionality to register domains through CentralNic's new centralized reseller platform, issue SSL certificates more quickly and reliably than ever, ensure compatibility after we remove legacy Smarty tag support, let customers enhance their privacy and security with NordVPN, and more.

8.8 Release Highlights

WHMCS 8.8 introduced early Client Area service renewals, WP Squared provisioning, Stripe Link, and encrypted MySQL® connection support.

8.9 Release Highlights

WHMCS 8.9 introduced new PayPal® payment gateways, extends on-demand renewals to product addons, and new admin permissions for invoices.