Troubleshooting Products and Services

You may experience problems while configuring products for sale, during the purchase process, or when managing individual clients' purchased services.

Product Groups

Product groups organize products and product bundles in the order form. Some templates allow them to display side-by-side for comparison.

Products/Services Tab

The Products/Services tab in the Client Profile lets you view and manage client services.

Upgrades and Downgrades

Upgrades and downgrades allow clients to move between related products. Clients pay or receive a refund for the difference in prices.


If you enable cancellation requests, clients can request cancellation or termination of their services from within the Client Area.

Migrate cPanel Services

Migrate hosting account services from an old cPanel & WHM server to a new one. You can choose from several methods for migrating accounts.

Service Not Prorated

How to troubleshoot and resolve product configuration and client service issues.