Support Tools

WHMCS includes a full-featured ticket desk for your clients, including announcements, downloads, a knowledgebase, and a ticketing system.

Troubleshooting the Support System

Problems in the support ticket system and its related features can prevent email replies from importing properly and cause other disruptions.

Support Departments

Support departments help you categorize and assign tickets. The first step when customers submit a support ticket is selecting a department.

Email Importing

Email importing retrieves customers' email replies to support tickets. You can use POP3, IMAP, Google®, or Microsoft® for email importing.

Email Piping

Email piping automatically imports email replies that a support department email address receives into the corresponding support ticket.

Support Tickets

Support tickets provide an easy way to handle one-on-one communications with your clients using WHMCS's fully-featured ticket desk.

Ticket Statuses

Ticket statuses allow you to better organize your workflow in WHMCS. You can use the default ticket statuses or customize your own.