Add a Client

Manually add clients during checkout, in the Client Area, or in the Admin Area. Each customer must have a client account in WHMCS.

Troubleshooting the Client Area

Issues in the Client Area or your online store can hurt customers' ability to purchase your products or access their purchased services.

Users and Client Accounts

The user management system can grant access for a single client's services, billing, and support to multiple users with separate logins.

Add and Associate Users

Add users manually, associate them with existing clients, and change the client account owner. Users own and manage client accounts.

Managing Users

Users can access and manage one or more client accounts. Their contact details and other information are separate from their clients'.

Match User and Client Details

Make sure the details for a user and an associated client match by updating them manually. These details do not automatically sync.

Reset a User Password

Initiate a password reset for a user who has lost their Client Area password. Users can also initiate password resets on the login form.