System Logs

WHMCS logs all activity, admin logins, gateway communications, sent and received email communications, and domain lookups. This allows you to monitor and track all the activity taking place inside your WHMCS system.

You can view the system logs at Configuration () > System Logs.

  • You can view logs for payment gateway transactions at Billing > Gateway Log.
  • If you enable error logging, those errors will display here. However, we strongly recommend that you disable error logging unless you are actively troubleshooting an issue. You can configure error logging in the Other tab at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings.
For more information, see Logs in WHMCS.

Activity Log

This records both system events and the actions and events for a single client from throughout WHMCS.

Admin Log

This records login sessions for admins, including login and logout times, IP addresses, and usernames.

Module Log

This records activity between WHMCS and third-party APIs or other module systems.

Email Message Log

This records all of the emails that WHMCS sends to clients except for Automated Password Reset, Client Email Address Verification, and Password Reset Validation emails.

You can disable logging of support ticket responses to this log in the Support tab at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings.

Ticket Mail Import Log

This records all of the support ticket emails that WHMCS added to the support ticket system via email piping or email importing.

View Log

Click View Log for a log entry to view the imported reply. This displays the same information that you see when you view the associated support ticket.

WHOIS Lookup Log

This logs the domains that clients search for from within the Client Area.

Log Accumulation

Over time, log records in your WHMCS system will accumulate. As the number of records increases, your database will become larger and you may notice a reduction in performance. WHMCS allows you to empty logs from within the Admin Area.

  • To empty your logs, go to Utilities > System Cleanup.
  • To configure the maximum number of system-related entries in the system logs, go to the General tab at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings.

Last modified: June 24, 2024