Live Chat Connection Errors


You may see an unexpected connection error while attempting to log in to Live Chat.


During login, connection errors typically indicate misconfigured file or folder permissions.

The correct configuration varies depending on your specific server environment.


Check the file and folder permissions for Live Chat’s files on your server and correct any issues. For example, the permissions setting for the /modules/livehelp/xml/WebService.php file’s permissions setting should be 644 on most installations.

  • suPHP and PHP suEXEC require more restriction. If you use DSO as your PHP handler, you must use 644 permissions.
  • Limit access to only the account that owns the web server process. Make sure that no other system or user accounts can read your configuration file or modify any WHMCS-related files.

If the issue persists, enable your browser network console and examine the response for more information.

Last modified: June 11, 2024