Required Function Errors


You see the following error in the Admin Area:

Required function is not available

Typically, this error will include the name of the function. For example:

Required function base64_decode is not available


This error indicates that a necessary function is not installed on the server or is disabled in the configuration.

For example, in the section above, the base64_decode function is missing or disabled.

This often occurs with the following cURL functions:

  • curl_init
  • curl_setopt
  • curl_exec
  • curl_getinfo
  • curl_error
  • curl_close

All of these functions must be installed and enabled on your server in order to properly validate your license.


Install the function if it is not available, and then adjust your configuration to enable the function.

For more information, see the applicable documentation:

Last modified: May 29, 2024