Account Creation Failures


When a customer purchases a new hosting account, account creation fails on the server during the provisioning process.

You may also see one or more items for Pending Module Actions in the Admin Dashboard or in the list of events in the Utilities > Module Queue.

The Module Queue


This issue indicates that a problem prevented the system from provisioning a new account. For example, the system cannot provision a new hosting account if the account’s name is a reserved username in your server’s control panel.


To troubleshoot this issue, go to Utilities > Module Queue and find the displayed error message for the failed account creation action.


The solution to the issue depends on the exact error from the server. After you have resolved the issue, you can retry account creation by clicking Retry at Utilities > Module Queue.

  • For more information about errors that prevent account creation, check your hosting control panel’s documentation.
  • For steps to retry a module action, see Retry a Module Action.

Last modified: June 5, 2024