Status Monitoring Display Issues


The uptime or CPU load statistics for a server are not displaying properly in the Server Status Monitoring feature at Configuration () > System Settings > Servers.


Usually, this is because the server does not use a Linux®-based operating system, the status directory is inaccessible, or required PHP functions are disabled.


Make certain that all of your servers use a Linux-based operating system.

Then, upload the contents of the status directory to the monitored servers and make certain that it is web-accessible.

To do this:

  1. Visit the directory in your browser. The uptime and CPU load will display onscreen.
  2. Enter this URL in WHMCS as the Server Status Address value for the server at Configuration () > System Settings > Servers.

If the issue still is not resolved, make certain that the required PHP functions to retrieve the CPU load and uptime are enabled:

  1. Edit the php.ini configuration file on the monitored server.
  2. Find the disable_function directive.
  3. Remove the exec and shell_exec functions from the disabled functions list. This will enable both functions.

Last modified: June 5, 2024