Troubleshooting Server Issues

If you encounter errors or issues while working with product configuration or clients’ services, see the sections below to start troubleshooting and resolve the issue.

You can begin the troubleshooting process for most provisioning-related issues with the following steps:

For more information, see Servers.

General Server and Provisioning Errors

You may encounter the following common issues:

Error or IssueExplanationNext Steps
The uptime or CPU load statistics for a server are not displaying properly in the Server Status Monitoring feature.The server does not use a Linux®-based operating system, the status directory is inaccessible, or required PHP functions are disabled.Status Monitoring Display Issues
406 Not AcceptableThis error is usually due to the server’s mod_security rules blocking the query from WHMCS.406 Not Acceptable Errors
Allowed memory size of xxxxx bytes exhaustedThis error message indicates that WHMCS has reached the maximum amount of memory in the memory_limit setting in your server’s PHP configuration.Memory Exhausted Errors
Required Product Module '' MissingThis error message indicates that the system performed a module command for a product without an assigned module.Product Module Missing Errors
Server Command Error - Curl Error - 28 connect() timed outThis error indicates that the operation timed out.Server Timed Out Errors
Server Command Error - Curl Error - Couldn't connect to host (7)This error indicates that your firewall is blocking the necessary port to connect to one of your servers.Server Connect Host Errors
Server Command Error - Curl Error - Couldn't resolve host (6)This error indicates that the account doesn’t have an associated server.Server Resolve Host Errors

cPanel & WHM

For more information, see cPanel.

You may encounter the following common issues:

Error or IssueExplanationNext Steps
Accout creation failed while provisioning a new hosting account.An error occurred that prevented the system from creating the account. This can occur for many reasons.Account Creation Failures
The Package menu in the Module Settings tab does not include all of the packages that are available on your cPanel & WHM server.Packages may not display in this list if their use would exceed the reseller’s quotas on their WHM account.Missing WHM Packages
Access Denied
Permission Denied
This error indicates that the cPanel & WHM server denied WHMCS access to perform the requested action.Access Denied Errors
Action Failed Unable to auto-login. Please contact supportThe username under the client’s Products/Services tab is empty.Action Failed Errors
Failed to load module “WpToolkitCli”The required WP Toolkit module does not exist on your cPanel & WHM server.wptoolkitcli Errors
Invalid value paper_lantern for the cpmod settingThe product configuration in WHMCS specifies a cPanel theme that does not exist on your cPanel server.Invalid cpmod Errors
Login FailedEither your server’s login details are incorrect in WHMCS, or your brute force protection settings are preventing access.Login Failed Errors
No user name supplied: "username" is a required argumentThis indicates that the username under the client’s Products/Services tab is empty.Missing Username Errors
Package Not Allowed or Exceeded Resource/Account AllocationThis error indicates that you only have reseller access to your server and are trying to create an account without a valid package name.Package Not Allowed Errors
Product attribute Package Name XXX not found on serverThere are insufficient resources to create an account with the package, you have entered a package name in WHMCS incorrectly, or an API token has insufficient permissions.Product Attribute Errors
Resellers are not permitted to create subdomains of the server's main domainThis indicates that the domain is missing from the service configuration.Reseller Subdomain Errors
Sorry, a group for that username already existsAn account with this username already exists on the server.Group Already Exists Errors
Sorry, that username is reservedThe username for the new account contains a prohibited word.Username Reserved Errors
This module requires a cPanel & WHM server with a valid license and the 'Standard' server profile.This error indicates that you are attempting to use a server that does not run cPanel & WHM or does not have a valid cPanel & WHM license.License Profile Errors
You do not have permission to use Selected PackageThe package name in WHMCS does not exactly match the package name in WHM.Package Permission Errors
WHM Username is missing for the selected serverThis error indicates a server balancing misconfiguration (for example, you have not selected a server to use when creating the account).Missing WHM Username Errors


For more information, see Plesk.

You may encounter the following common issues:

Error or IssueExplanationNext Steps
Blank command errors.Your firewall is blocking connections on port 8443.Blank Command Errors
The system is setting up the client account but not the associated domain.
2306 - Domain adding was failed. Error: xxxxx template failed: Unable to apply limits
This is usually due to the permissions of the domain template exceeding the server resources or containing something unsupported.Domain Setup Failures
The www subdomain does not function on hosting accounts on a Plesk server.This happens due to the default DNS settings on a Plesk server.www Does Not Work
0 - Unable to find appropriate manager for this version of Panel. Plesk should be at least 8.0 versionThis is a generic error message that the Plesk module returns.Version Errors
1006 - Permission deniedThis indicates that your Plesk login doesn’t have the necessary permissions to use the API.Permission Denied Errors
1013 - Error message: Customer with email '[email protected]' is not found in panel
1013 - Error message: Customer with external id 'xxxxxxxx' is not found in panel
The product type is incorrect in WHMCS or there is a missing data table in Plesk.Email Not Found Errors
1013 - Template does not existThis error indicates that the client and domain template names are incorrect or missing.Template Errors
1014 - Parser error: Request is invalidThis error message indicates that there is a field value missing. Usually, this is because there are no assigned IP addresses in the client or domain template’s IP address pool.Invalid Request Errors
1018 - Unable to create hosting. IP address does not exist in client's poolThere is an issue with the IP address pool configuration in Plesk.Client Pool Errors
1023 - Unable to accept the template: the following limitations are exceededThis issue occurs when the subscription already used the service plan addon’s resources.Limitations Exceeded Errors
503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
Page not Found
502 Bad Gateway
Plesk forcibly restarted Apache®, which can disrupt the connection to WHMCS.Plesk Connection Errors
Plesk API Response: Plesk_Manager_V163::_getSsoRedirectUrl(): Argument #2 ($username) must be of type string, null given, called in /path/to/whmcs/modules/servers.plesk/lib/Plesk/Manager/Base.php on line 0You have set the hosting service’s product type to Other._getssoredirecturl Errors
Plesk login requires user authenticationThe user has a dynamic IP addresses or an unstable internet connection.Login Errors
Unable to create account in Panel. The field 'username' is required.This error indicates that the username under the client’s profile’s Products/Services tab is empty.Username Required Errors

Last modified: May 29, 2024