Outdated root CA Bundles


You see SSL-related error messages while attempting to connect to the WHMCS licensing server.


This is often because your CA bundle files are missing or out of date.

License validation is performed via an SSL connection to ensure the security and integrity of license checks. Errors can occur when placing the cURL call using the curlopt_ssl_verifypeer function if your server does not have the appropriate root certificate authority (CA) bundles to validate the SSL connection to our licensing server.

This error does not relate to the validity or existence of an SSL certificate on your own website. The CA bundles that affect this are on the server at the root level.


Make certain that the server that hosts your WHMCS installation has up-to-date CA bundles.

To obtain these, check your operating system’s repository or the the cURL website.

Last modified: June 24, 2024