Version 6.0.2 Release Notes

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Release Information
Version: 6.0.2
Release Type: Maintenance
Release Date: 18th August 2015
Distribution Types: Full and Incremental Patch Set


The latest full and patch set release can always be obtained from the downloads page

Upgrade Process

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This update requires no additional steps.

Applying the incremental patch version to an existing 6.0.1 installation will perform an automated version bump and require no upgrade process to be performed.

Release Notes

Six Template


  • Line 232: Removed javascript


  • Line 74: added data-toggle="tab" attribute.
  • Line 88: added data-toggle="tab" attribute.


  • Line 8: Added $LANG. to make this a language key
  • Line 314: Replaced hardcoded string with lang value
  • Line 336: Replaced hardcoded string with lang value
  • Line 366: Changed variable name for the alert message from $serverchangepasswordsuccessful to $modulechangepasswordmessage


  • Line 38 : Added third parameter to "addToCart" Javascript function.
  • Line 68, 70, 71: Added IF block to handle the differences between searching for 'register' and 'transfer' values.
  • Line 75-81: Broke "add to cart" buttons into two separate code blocks, to allow "register" and "transfer" parameters to be sent to addToCart function
  • Line 115: Added third parameter to addToCart function call


  • Line 96: Add {$WEB_ROOT} to ensure URLs work with any URL configuration
  • Line 139: Update IF block to handle $registerdomainenabled and $transferdomainenabled
  • Line 147-152: IF blocks to allow both searching domains to register and/or transfer.


  • Line 3: Add code to allow navbar links to have a "target" attribute.
  • Line 13: Add code to allow submenu links to have "target" attribute.


  • Line 9: Change tabbing for code.
  • Line 12: Add variable filterValueRegex to handle filtering over arbitrary (non-English) strings
  • Lines 26-29: Use Regexes to search the table, instead of direct string matching.
  • Lines 31-34: Keep the page from jumping around if no matches are found in the table.


  • Line 112: function addToCart now takes an orderType parameter.
  • Line 123: Pass orderType parameter in the query string for the API call.


  • Line 13: Replace hardcoded string with language value.

Five Template


  • Line 11-12: Update form action to handle SEO friendly URLs, and add hidden input for "useful" = "vote"

Order Forms


  • Line 31: Added updateConfigurableOptions onclick to radio button.
  • Line 33: Added recalctotals to onclick in radio button.


  • Line 41: Removed col-xs-2 class, causing the form to render wrong in small screens.
  • Line 41-52: Changed tabbing on this line.
  • Line 65: Removed col-xs-2 class, causing the form to render wrong in small screens.
  • Line 65-76: Changed tabbing on this line.


  • Line 92: Removed slideUp animation from $domainResults
  • Line 102-104: Removed "var" keywords
  • Line 113, 117: Surrounded {$BASE_PATH_IMG} with literal delimiters to turn off literal curly brace processing.

Client Area Language Changes

New Strings

  • knowledgebaseArticleRatingThanks: "Thanks for rating the article for us"
  • orderPromoCodePlaceholder: "Enter promo code if you have one"
  • actionRequiresAtLeastOneDomainSelected: "Please select at least one domain to perform the selected action on."
  • clientAreaProductDownloadsAvailable: "The following download items are available for your product/service"
  • clientAreaProductAddonsAvailable: "Addons are available for your product/service. <a href=\"cart.php?gid=addons\">Click here to view & order »</a>"
  • clientAreaSecurityTwoFactorAuthRecommendation: "We strongly encourage you to enable Two-Factor Authentication for added security."
  • clientAreaSecurityNoSecurityQuestions: "Setting a security question and answer helps protect your account from unauthorized password resets and allows us to verify your identity when requesting account changes."
  • clientAreaSecuritySecurityQuestionOtherError: "The security question helps protect your account from unauthorized password resets and allows us to verify your identity when requesting account changes."

Changed Strings

  • domainsExpiringInTheNext30Days: "Expiring in the next 30 Days" => "Expiring within 30 Days"
  • domainsExpiringInTheNext90Days: "Expiring in the next 90 Days" => "Expiring within 90 Days"
  • domainsExpiringInTheNext180Days: "Expiring in the next 180 Days" => "Expiring within 180 Days"
  • domainsExpiringInMoreThan180Days: "Expiring in more than 180 Days" => "Expiring in 180+ Days"

Admin Area Language Changes

New Strings

  • ['invoices']['viewAsClient']: "View as Client"
  • ['administrators']['confirmExistingPassword']: "You must confirm your existing administrator password"
  • ['general']['storeClientDataSnapshot']: "Store Client Data Snapshot"
  • ['general']['storeClientDataSnapshotInfo']: "Preserve client details upon invoice generation to prevent profile changes for existing invoices"
  • ['general']['noActivityLogForClient']: "There is no activity logged for this client."

Changed Strings

  • ['domains']['domainReminders']: "Sent Domain Reminders" => "Domain Reminder History"



CORE-6285 (#3056) - Prevent upgrade/downgrade to an out-of-stock product
CORE-8468 - Allow input of 4 digits in CVV field for AMEX card types
CORE-8620 - Make PDF Templates use admin defined font
CORE-8636 - Prevent text overflow in domain list expiry status filter options in Six template
    Also known as: CORE-8796, VSIX-722
CORE-8638 - Ensure all what would you like to do today links in domain details page link to correct place
    Also known as: CORE-8797
CORE-8663 - Automatically hide Blend theme sidebar on mobile devices
CORE-8664 - Make shopping cart domain configuration UI more user friendly for mobile users
CORE-8715 - Allow attachments to be deleted in email template configuration
CORE-8718 - Fix logo home url path when using SEO URLs in Six Template
CORE-8719 - Ensure greeting is appropriate to logged in user for sub-accounts
CORE-8720 - Support ticket merge fields missing from "Available Merge Fields" in email template config
CORE-8729 - Domain transfer greyout does not allow transfer order to continue in Slider template
CORE-8743 - Ensure Module Debug Logging obeys toggle setting
CORE-8756 - Cache schema in the abstract model for improved performance
CORE-8757 - Prevent fatal error when attempting to use custom transliteration hook function
CORE-8759 - Registration Period incorrectly displayed on Configure Domains page
CORE-8760 - Fix link paths in Recent News when SEO URLs are enabled in Six template
CORE-8761 - Success message box is empty on password change
CORE-8765 - Domain Transfer order results in loop in Boxes order form template
CORE-8766 - Product Addon configuration renders incorrect welcome email as selected
CORE-8767 - Use 24 Hour Clock in Change Network Issues and Project Management Time Picker
CORE-8768 - Knowledgebase tag search links to incorrect article under certain conditions
CORE-8769 - Product Custom Fields save incorrectly when using a friendly display name
CORE-8773 - Client Area Product Details uses incorrect password change message in Six template
CORE-8787 - Improve pop email import department routing logic
    Also known as: CORE-8780
CORE-8791 - Auto Renew domain toggle setting does not immediately reflect change
CORE-8804 - Gracefully handle large search sets with Enom
CORE-8807 - Update .ae whois servers entry
    Also known as: MODULE-6286
CORE-8808 - Always pass a valid IP in SagePay API calls
CORE-8809 - Improve dropdown menu display within admin area
CORE-8810 - Username should be available to module templates
CORE-8814 - Product upgrade options will not allow deselecting associated upgrade products
CORE-8815 - Selecting Semi-Annual billing cycle does not trigger a recalculate pricing call
CORE-8817 - Date picker should be displayed in Convert to Invoice prompt
CORE-8818 - Client notes fail to delete when requested
CORE-8819 - Upcoming expiring domains client area filters should exclude expired domains
CORE-8825 - Rating a KB article fails when SEO URLs are enabled in Five template
CORE-8834 - Fix Pending Orders sidebar link in v4 admin template
CORE-8835 - Ensure calendar renders in front of tax rate input field in Invoice Options tab
CORE-8837 - Pricing for 0.00 TLDs incorrect on Bulk Domain Transfer
CORE-8839 - Admin open ticket routine does not honour selected priority
CORE-8844 - Order form summary should update on change of billing cycle in Modern template
CORE-8864 - Client area downloads not calculating file sizes correctly
CORE-8866 - Update .uno whois server entry
CORE-8873 - Add support for navbar links to open in a new window
CORE-8876 - Refine responsive behaviour of Blend admin area theme
CORE-8878 - Admin support ticket view client log tab should render appropriately for guest ticket submitters
CORE-8880 - Search/Filter tab should be togglable where it is not opened by default
CORE-8904 - Enforce access control to admin single sign-on appropriately
CORE-8905 - Six template is not utilizing options to buy domain addons; ID Protection, DNS Management, Email Forwarding
VSIX-202 - Remove javascript code from contacts template files
VSIX-330 - Lack of admin lang directory should fail with a graceful warning message
VSIX-609 - Add support for jsonResponse to addon modules
VSIX-664 - Admin logout occurs when attempting to add order to Closed client
VSIX-750 - Provide link to view printable invoice from admin area
VSIX-804 - Do not allow selection of None server option when product requires one
VSIX-822 - Ensure client area ticket list view filters work in all languages
VSIX-887 - Incremental updates throw ambiguous exception when import fails


ADDON-5955 - Project Management Addon: Fix attachment file upload paths
ADDON-5960 - eNom New TLDs Addon - Fix empty salt error message
MODULE-6275 - OpenSRS: Implement Cookie Bypass Authentication Method
MODULE-6278 - Fix telephone number auto formatting in ResellerClub module
MODULE-6284 - eNom Namespinner should fallback gracefully on TLD is not supported error


CORE-8792 - Make it possible to translate confirm existing password text in admin area
CORE-8793 - Make Search and Transfer buttons in header translatable
    Also known as: CORE-8849
CORE-8794 - Make twitter feed follow text use language translation file string