Troubleshooting Sign-In using Twitter

From WHMCS Documentation

Invalid details not saved. Please verify your details and try again

You may receive the above error message when attempting to configure your Twitter API Credentials. It indicates that the values provided are not able to successfully authenticate with the Twitter API. This typically has three causes:

  1. The API credentials entered are invalid,
  2. The callback URLs are misconfigured,
  3. Callback Locking is enabled inside the Twitter app.

To resolve, check the following points:

  • Double-check the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret are entered correctly.
  • Ensure that all three Callback URLs are specified in your Twitter App Settings (refer to step 4 of the configuration steps).
  • Finally, the Enable Callback Locking option should be UNticked in the Twitter Application Settings screen (refer to step 7 of the configuration steps).

Unable to access Sign-In Integrations page

If when you navigate to `Setup -> Sign-In Integrations` you are unable to access the page, it is likely an issue with your `Friendly URLs` configuration, this guideshould assist in resolving this.

Social login: Error We could not connect to your account

This error can be observed on either the client login or registration pages upon the page loading. It indicates an error with the custom client area template being used, most likely that it's not been updated for use with WHMCS version 7.3. To confirm, switch to the 'six' theme and observe if the error continues and if not contact the developer of the custom theme for further assistance.

We were unable to connect your account. Please contact your system administrator

This error may occur when client's attempt to register or login using Twitter. It indicates a misconfiguration in the Callback URL in your Twitter app settings.

To resolve, ensure that all three Callback URLs are specified in your Twitter App Settings (refer to step 4 of the configuration steps).

Link Initiated! Please complete sign in to associate this service with your existing account. You will only have to do this once

This is not an error, but a standard response when a client attempts to use the 'Sign In With Twitter' button on the client login page, where they have not yet linked their account. The client will need to login with their client area email address and password to successfully link their Twitter account to it. Clients can connect their accounts to Twitter at any time via this method or on the 'Security Settings' page inside the client area when logged in.

Link Initiated! Please complete the registration form below

Similar to the above message, this is not an error but happens when a client uses the 'Sign Up with Twitter' button on the registration form. This will only fetch the users first and last name from Twitter as well as their email address if their settings allow it, so the user must complete the registration form to complete signing up.